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Benefits of Sports Vision Testing

Benefits of Sports Vision Testing at Our Otsego and Minnetonka Optometry Clinics

If your child plays sports, it is of the important that you have him or her undergo sports vision testing on an annual basis. Not only can this type of testing help detect any visual deficits, but it with proper vision therapy, your child can enjoy benefits on both sports and academic bases.¬†Through sports vision tests, athletes can learn how well their eyes perform in relation to hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and eye-tracking capabilities. The better an athlete’s vision, the better he or she can perform.

Types of Sports Vision Tests

There are several types of sports vision tests that can be conducted to help assess an athlete’s vision. The types of tests conducted will depend on an athlete’s needs. Common tests include:

  • Snellen Eye Chart Reading
  • Contact Sensitivity Tests
  • Eye Tracking Devices
  • Ocular Alignment Tests
  • The Hirschberg Test
  • Eye Dominance Tests
  • Depth Perception Measurements
  • Eye Teaming Tests
  • Visual Processing Speed Tests
  • Right Eye Tracking Device

Benefits of Correcting Visual Deficits

The results of sports vision testing will determine the type of vision therapy that needs to be conducted. Therapy, which includes reading therapy, can be customized to meet an athlete’s specific needs. For example, if an athlete needs therapy to improve his ability to anticipate the trajectory of a flying ball, vision tracking and location therapy can be tailored to meet this need.¬†A common type of therapy used for enhancing an athlete’s sports vision is computer simulations. Computer simulation can be used to help a batter better anticipate when to swing at a fastball and improve eye coordination

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