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At Bright Eyes Vision Clinic, we strive to meet all of your eye and vision care needs.  We fit a variety of great contact lens brands, including VisionSource Brands.

If you have had an eye exam recently, but did not do a contact lens fitting, we can help you get fitted or evaluated for contacts. If you have not had your annual eye exam, our doctors would start with comprehensive exam and then do the contact lens fitting and evaluation. 

Our doctors will evaluate the health of your eyes as well as your prescription, how often you would like to wear your contact lenses and what activities you will do when you wear them. Based upon those factors, they will make a recommendation suited for your lifestyle, wants and eye health needs. The fitting includes diagnostic lenses, and necessary follow up visits to ensure the contacts are healthy for your eyes, fitting well and your sight is great.

New Wearers

Are you interested in wearing contacts for the first time?  We offer new wearer classes for children and adults! You will have your examination first and discuss contact lens wear with the doctor.  Then, we will set up a time to meet with one of our trained optical experts to teach you how to apply and remove the lenses, as well as reviewing the proper care and cleaning of your contact lenses and contact lens case.  We recommend prior to the class that you wash your hands very well, and practice touching the white of your eye (sclera) a few times each day.  This will ensure a more successful and productive class for you