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Why See a Pediatric Optometrist in Otsego or Minnetonka Today?

Your child’s wellness is important to you, and that means total wellness, eyesight included. Vision is the sense we rely upon most heavily, and it plays a huge role in learning, especially at the earliest ages. If you want to give your children the best chance of success, you need to get them regular pediatric eye exams.

Woman helping her daughter through a pediatric eye exam.

Seeing a pediatric optometrist might seem like a chore for another day, but it shouldn’t. Believe it or not, vision disorders are the 4th most common disability in the United States, and as many as one in seven kindergarten-aged children may have an undiagnosed vision problem that could interfere with learning.

Moreover, children with ADHD have at least three times the incidence of treatable visual problems, and even kids who don’t pass vision screenings often don’t get the help they need to manage their condition. Plus, simple screenings that only include a letter chart are not comprehensive enough to catch more than 30 percent of vision problems, and even children who have passed screenings before may develop conditions such as lazy eye at any time.

Why Are Pediatric Eye Exams So Important?

Many children act out and give up on school not because they lack the intelligence or willingness to learn, but because they quite simply cannot see well enough to engage with the material. The letters may blur or jump around, making it impossible for kids to focus both mentally – and quite literally visually. That’s why pediatric eye exams are so important.

Some parents rely on the pediatric eye exams offered at schools on an annual or bi-annual basis, but that’s not enough. While school screenings are beneficial, because they can offer information, they are often incomplete. They may only test a few areas of vision, neglect aspects of poor vision such as color deficiencies or focusing, and miss more than 60 percent of children with eyesight problems. Clearly, those odds aren’t good enough for your child.

When to Get Kids’ Eye Exams and What to Expect

Kids’ eye exams shouldn’t be something you wait to do until your child tells you they can’t see very well. Kids are terrible reporters, and by waiting, you might miss something. Kids’ eye exams are short, painless and don’t require that your child be able to read, so neither you nor your child needs to fear the process. It’s recommended that you get eye exams at 6 months of age, at 2-3 years, before entering school (5-6 years) and every two years throughout the school years.

Come See a Children’s Eye Doctor in Minnesota Today

Ready to get the help your kiddo deserves? Come see a children’s eye doctor in Minnesota today. You can call (763) 241-1090 to reach us at either our Otsego or Minnetonka location, or request an appointment through our website. Don’t wait to give your child the gift of eyesight today.