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June is Fireworks Safety Month

Fireworks Safety Month Information from our Minnetonka and Otsego Optometrists

The entire month of June is National Fireworks Safety Month, continuing until the Fourth of July. This time of awareness is presented by Prevent Blindness America, with the goal to educate people about the risks and dangers of fireworks.

Fireworks are enjoyed by children and adults alike. They are the perfect way to highlight summer celebrations like the Fourth of July as well as New Year’s Eve and anytime an unforgettable atmosphere is desired. Their colors and explosive sounds inspire and excite all who see them. However, they can pose a tremendous injury risk if they are not left to trained professionals. Our Bright Eyes Vision Clinic optometrists want all members of the community to practice fireworks safety this summer.

Fireworks Safety, High Quality Eye Care

Our Minnetonka and Otsego optometrists would like to raise awareness about fireworks safety to offset their dangers during June and early July. Fireworks Safety Month is important because thousands of people are injured by fireworks each year, and several deaths occur. Some of the most common injury types caused by fireworks include:

  • Burns
  • Loss of fingers or toes
  • Eye injury or blindness

One of the best ways to reduce risk of injury from fireworks is by leaving it to a professional. Persons experienced with fireworks are well trained in how to stay safe while using them. If you do decide to launch fireworks at a home barbecue or celebration at a local park, there are some important safety steps you should take. These include:

  • Wear eye protection such as safety goggles
  • Only light them on a clear, level surface with no flammable materials nearby
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby for fires or to throw “duds” in
  • Do not allow children near the fireworks; keep them well out of the vicinity
  • Keep a first aid kit nearby
  • Do not light fireworks while intoxicated

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Our Minnetonka and Otsego optometrists here at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic are here to assist you with fireworks safety tips as well as the very best in eye care. We provide attentive, professional eye care along with the very best in optometry services. Call us with questions or to schedule an eye exam.

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