What is Sports Vision Testing?

Sports vision testing is exactly what the name implies – a way for athletes to be tested on how their eyes perform. Sports vision testing typically goes beyond the basic eye charts that most people are familiar with in regards to eye testing. Sports vision testing is primarily meant to track the ways in which vision can enhance, or avoid detracting from, sports performance. These types of tests assess qualities such as hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and eye-tracking ability.

Types of Sports Vision Tests

When it comes to sports training regimens, vision therapy for athletes is just as important as engaging in any other type of physical fitness routines. Although different muscles come into play for different sports, vision is integral to the successful participation in every type of sports activity. There are many different types of tests that athletes may be given, depending on the specific sport they are playing. Some of the most common sports vision tests are the Snellen Eye Chart, which basically tests an athlete’s ability to see letters from 20 feet away; the Ocular Alignment Test, which determines how well both eyes are aligned to work together; and the Howard-Dolman Apparatus, which measures an athlete’s ability to see in three dimensions.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology

At Bright Eyes Vision Clinic, we proudly call ourselves leaders in the field of sports vision therapy. We are equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology that allows us to do fully immersive, comprehensive vision testing. Our sophisticated equipment combined with our highly detail-oriented testing methods allows us to administer effective, targeted treatment for a variety of eye conditions and problems. The systems and tools we use include:

  • Senaptec Sports Vision Trainer – software systems that are used to evaluate and train an athlete’s overall vision.
  • Senaptec Sports Training Strobe Goggles for training in office and purchase – specialized glasses that help to train an athlete’s synaptic connections between the eyes, brain, and body.
  • Wayne Saccadic Fixator – An apparatus used to evaluate various aspects of an athlete’s performance, such as hand-eye coordination, peripheral awareness and visual reaction times.
  • SVI (Sanet Vision Integrator) – A computerized program that enhances visual abilities and corrects visual learning problems.
  • Visagraph – A device that records and assesses eye movements.
  • VTS3 and 4 Systems – a software suite of various vision testing programs.

Benefits of Sports Vision Testing

Sports vision testing is helpful for giving an accurate overview of how well an athlete’s vision is operating and whether it is contributing to athletic performance as well as it could be. Visual testing can identify the specific areas in which an athlete may need to have vision training. This type of insight, along with other types of physical conditioning, is an essential tool for helping athletes to perform optimally.

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