Sunglasses at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic in Otsego and Minnetonka

When you go outdoors on a bright, cheery day, the first thing you may notice is the dazzling sunlight. But as glorious as this sight may appear, those rays can do damage to the very organs you’re using to perceive them. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause serious eye problems, while blindingly bright visible light present other discomforts and risks. Fortunately, you can still enjoy the great outdoors safely by getting great protection from our designer sunglasses from our Otsego and Minnetonka optometrists here at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic.

Why the Right Sunglasses Are So Important

The light you see on a sunny day is only one kind of energy emitted by the sun. Ultraviolet rays also penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, and while UV-C rays are stopped by the atmosphere, UV-A and UV-B rays make it all the way to your eyes. This is a problem since these forms of radiation can cause a variety of health issues, including:

  • Photokeratitis – This inflammation is atype of “eye sunburn” that makes the eyes red and irritated.
  • Cataracts – Cataracts can be triggered or greatly accelerated by UV exposure.
  • Macular degeneration – UV (and strong visible light from the blue end of the spectrum) may play a role in this leading cause of vision loss.
  • Eyelid cancer – UV can promote cancers of the eyelids and the skin surrounding the eyes.

In addition to the dangers posed by UV rays, dazzlingly bright glare can affect your vision and imperil your safety when driving or participating in other outdoor activities. This is usually the first reason people seek out sunglasses. Be warned that even a very dark pair of sunglasses from the local store won’t necessarily give you the UV protection your eyes need.

A Wide Range of Sunglass Options

Come to Bright Eyes Vision Clinic for sunglasses that truly serve both your health and your vision. We can craft prescription sunglasses that correct your vision perfectly while also ensuring that you’re getting UV 400 protection, with 99 to 100 percent of all UV rays blocked. We also offer non-prescription sunglasses with the same high degree of UV protection, as well as low light emissivity to prevent eye strain. Polarized sunglasses offer even more glare protection by filtering the light that bounces up from bright surfaces such as water, snow, and highways.

Ensure a Sunnier Future for Your Eyes and Vision, Contact our Optometrists in Minnetonka or Otsego

The future of your eyes will look a lot sunnier once you’re equipped with beautiful, functional designer sunglasses from Bright Eyes Vision Clinic. Call either of our offices today to schedule vision testing and check out our range of options! To schedule an appointment with our Otsego or Minnetonka optometrist, call us at (763) 241-1090.