Vision Therapy FAQs  

Even serious vision problems may be treated without surgery if you access to the treatments that address the root cause. Here at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic, our goal is to offer you the best possible treatments without resorting to invasive measures unless needed.

Vision therapy, for instance, is an option designed to stimulate the eyes and brain to work together accurately and therefore correct vision difficulties. When the eyes and brain do not communicate well, the result can be learning difficulties, lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, and other common visual conditions.

What Is Vision Therapy in Otsego and Minnetonka?

Vision therapy involves more than just making eyes stronger themselves. The goal is to actually increase how effectively the eyes work with the brain and to increase the accuracy with which the brain perceives the images that the eyes see. If you do not have a functional connection between eyes and brain, your vision will not be very effective.

Under the supervision of our knowledgeable doctors and therapists, vision therapy involves a series of progressive exercises that get more demanding over time. You will see us typically once a week, for sessions lasting 55 minutes, during which we will work to enhance your visual processing abilities by helping retrain both your eyes and your brain.

How Can Sports Vision Therapy Help You?

Sports vision therapy can go a long way toward improving your visual acuity on the field and making you a more successful athlete. Did you know that to “see,” you’re actually using dozens of different skills, not just one? That means if you want to be successful, you need to be using all of them effectively. That means helping your brain and eyes work together as well seamlessly as possible.

Sports vision therapy helps you to do this within the context of sports, helping each athlete with a customized plan that relates directly to their game, position, and needs on the field. If you’re an athlete and you think your vision could be better, you’re probably right.

What Technology Does a Sports Vision Program Use?

Our sports vision program uses a huge variety of different technology both to make sense of what’s happening in your brain and eyes and to determine how to correct the problem. The cornerstone of our program is our doctor-directed program that starts with an evaluation that assesses eye health, visual acuity, and visual efficiency skills. Specific recommendations are given to enhance your game with glasses or contact lenses. We may use such devices and methods as:

  • Automated visual field
  • Autorefractor
  • Corneal Mapper
  • iCare tonometer
  • Digital fundus photography
  • Optikam computer system to take optical measurements
  • Sport vision contact lens fitting
  • Visagraph
  • VTS3 and 4 systems
  • Right Eye Vision Tracker
  • SVI Sanet Vision Integrator
  • Eye Port Eye Movement and Peripheral Vision Trainer
  • Senaptec Sports Vision Trainer
  • Wayne Saccadic Fixator

… and more. If you don’t understand most of what these are, that’s okay. Rest assured that they are among the most cutting-edge tools available in the industry today and that in using them, your sports vision trainer is giving you every advantage.

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