Thank you for allowing us to share in the care of your patients!

In order to make their appointment proceed as smoothly as possible, please complete the applicable form and return to us along with any exam notes or therapy reports. We will be happy to contact the patient directly to discuss the evaluation process or provide them with more specifics on vision therapy and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

Please let us know if you would like some complimentary brochures or business cards for your patients.

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We’re happy to present to your group!

Dr. Jill and team provides free presentations on how vision can impact learning, behavior and
attention. We present to:

  •     Educators (teachers, homeschool groups, school nurses)
  •     Parents (MOPs groups, PTAs,
  •     Community Education)
  •     Optometrists
  •     Physicians/OTs/PTs

Some of our available courses are:

*A.D.D. Just Doesn’t ADD up: How to assess, test for and distinguish vision problems that may mimic or complicate ADD.

*Got Vision? The relationship between visual skills, attention and learning.

*Vision and success at school: how to assess, test for and distinguish vision conditions that may hinder a child’s success in school

*What’s vision got to do with it? Visual system and how problems with vision can affect someone’s ability to learn

*Visual dysfunctions following acquired brain injury: the missing Link of rehabilitation

*Vision development for all ages:  Meeting milestones and when to seek professional support

*How to help your baby and toddler see better: Vision concerns, the importance of tummy time and activities you can do to help develop your child’s intelligence

*Improve Your game: Sports vision to give you the visual advantage

*Helping your student athlete following a concussion: Symptoms and behavior changes that may suggest a vision problem.

*Help for homeschoolers (or any parent looking to help their child’s visual skills improve): Recognizing a vision related learning problem, when to seek professional help and simple activities to help your child’s visual skills improve.

If you would like more information, simply contact us at (763) 241-1090 or email, and we will be happy to coordinate a presentation for your group!