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Vision Therapy During Spring Training

Vision Therapy in Minnetonka, MN During Spring Training

Just because a person has perfect vision doesn’t mean everything about his or her vision is actually perfect. Clear vision isn’t all that there is to perfect eyesight. This is why it is so important for athletes to have their sports vision tested on a regular basis. Many athletes are surprised to learn they can greatly improve their eyesight, as well as their athletic performance, with vision therapy here at Bright Eyes Vision Clinic.

What Is Vision Therapy?

The simplest way to understand vision therapy is to think of it as physical therapy for your eyesight. It focuses on the neurological aspect of vision, much like reading therapy, including how we view objects/words with our brain, not just our eyes. Through vision therapy, athletes can improve their hand-eye coordination, vision tracking and location, and much more.

What Type of Vision Therapy Services Are Offered at the Bright Eyes Vision Clinic?

  • Senaptec Sports Vision Trainer – software systems that are used to evaluate and train an athlete’s overall vision.
  • Senaptec Sports Training Strobe Goggles for training in office and purchase – specialized glasses that help to train an athlete’s synaptic connections between the eyes, brain, and body.
  • Wayne Saccadic Fixator – An apparatus used to evaluate various aspects of an athlete’s performance, such as hand-eye coordination, peripheral awareness and visual reaction times.
  • SVI (Sanet Vision Integrator) – A computerized program that enhances visual abilities and corrects visual learning problems.
  • Right Eye – An eye movement tracking device available at all our locations. This device is used to access reaction times and eye movement.
  • Visagraph – A device that records and assesses eye movements.
  • VTS3 and 4 Systems – a software suite of various vision testing programs

Benefits of Sports Vision and Spring Training

Spring training is used to condition the body. Vision therapy in Minnetonka MN is used to condition the eyes for enhanced sports vision. With the help of vision therapy, spring training efforts can be optimized for better eye focusing skills, better depth perception, better eye teaming capabilities, and even optimal ocular motility.

Make an Appointment Today with our Vision Therapists

If you would like to learn more about embracing the benefits of vision therapy to maximize spring training for high school, college, and even professional athletes, please make an appointment with the Bright Eyes Vision clinic today. To contact our optometrists in Minnetonka, call (763) 241-1090. To contact our optometrists in Otsego, call (763) 241-1090.

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