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Wayne Saccadic Fixator for Vision Therapy

Wayne Saccadic Fixator and Our Minnetonka, MN Optometrist

Vision therapy in Minnetonka MN can be used for a variety of reasons, with one of the primary purposes being to improve a person’s eyesight. And while some people believe that this sort of therapy is used to strengthen eye muscles, it typically is not. Instead, it is used to enhance the quality of vision that a person has. Vision therapy takes place through a progressive program of vision exercises and it should always be conducted under the supervision of a doctor. Different devices used in vision therapy may include filters, balance boards, lenses, patches, prisms, and more.

What Is a Wayne Saccadic Fixator For?

For people who suffer from vision issues that affect their eye movements, a Wayne Saccadic Fixator may be used during the vision therapy process. This device can also be used to help with issues related to hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision problems.

How Does Vision Therapy Improve Reading Quality?

When a person has better vision, this improves their ability to read. Take for example a person who doesn’t have good eye control movement; this would make it incredibly difficult to follow the lines on the page of a book while reading. With vision and reading therapy, though, eye movements can be improved, which will enhance the person’s overall ability to read.

Where Did the Wayne Saccadic Fixator Come From?

The Wayne Saccadic Fixator was first developed to achieve to two purposes:

  • Establish standard performance scores
  • To see if the device could be used to pinpoint children who had been diagnosed as having vision deficits

The Wayne Saccadic Fixator has been used for many years by optometrists to test for the following:

  • Accurate spatial integration
  • Accurate reaction times; essential for vision tracking and location
  • Accurate rapid eye-hand coordination, which is essential for optimal sports vision

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